Red Lorry Yellow Lorry started properly in 1982, led by Chris Reed (mastermind and front man), as a vehicle to express his own particular intense and angst-ridden vision.


How It Happened

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry make their first demo and are immediately offered recording deals. They release their first single in the same year “Beating my Head” and begin to build up a live following in the U.K...

John Peel takes to the band and they become one of his favourites. They record Radio sessions for him and go on to release a chain of explosive cult-alternative hit singles (see Discography).

Red Lorry music rapidly earned a reputation as mind blowing powerful guitar music, something not so many other bands were making in such an unashamed way.

The reputation and records of the Band reach Europe and they go public in 1983-1984 with small tours of Belgium, Germany, France and Holland.


In 1984 the Band releases it’s first Album “Talk about the Weather” which is received with great critical acclaim.

Meanwhile over in the USA the people were starting to get hip to the LORRIES. March 1985 sees the Band being invited for their first dates in America. The Band plays a handful of US East Coast shows to find they have become total Cult figures, playing New York’s Danceteria Club to a packed concert hall 2 times in the same week.

The band continued expanding their coterie of discerning followers over the next decade with many more idiosyncratic superlative releases.


1985 - Britain, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Holland, Belgium, U.S.A (East Coast).

1985 - U.S.A full tour + Canada, Britain + full Europe tour.

1987 - U.S.A full tour + Canada, Mexico, Britain + full Europe tour.

1989 - U.S.A, Britain + Europe.

1990 - U.S.A full tour + Canada, Britain + Europe.

1991 - Britain + Europe.

2003 - Leeds Cockpit, Whitby Goth Festival, Italy Metamatik festival, Mera Luna Festival Germany, London Underworld Camden.

2008 - Lincoln, London Islington Acadamy, Leeds Cockpit